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Medicine of the Future Cluster

Medicine of the Future Cluster was established in order to facilitate access to successful and efficient diagnostic tools. The most important scope of activity of the Cluster is to develop and disseminate remote technologies enabling fast, trustworthy diagnosis and cancer prevention. Malignant neoplasms are currently the second cause of premature death in Poland, after cardiovascular disorders. Late diagnosis and treatment of the disease are by and large responsible for it. This is why continuous development and improvement of methods enabling cancer diagnosis in the earliest stage of tumor development.


Medicine of the Future Cluster

Medicine od the Future Cluster brings together scientific entities, national institutions, companies, doctors and experts belonging to different branches. We do believe that our goal can be achieved by be achieved by combining efforts of many sectors and by close cooperation with research centers, research and development institutions and health care institutions. The Cluster wants to support the implementation of innovative solutions in economy and health care sector, obtaining new technologies and sources for their implementation. Furthermore, the Cluster aims at enabling cooperation between scientific communities of beyond-European dimension.



This is a very broad field of study. Generally, it can be defined as a set of forms of medicine and healthcare combining elements of telecommunications, IT and medicine. Its goal is to create a communication network between patients and physicians from around the world, to facilitate access to high quality medical services even in less developed, distant locations. A possibility of remote consultation with a physician is to reduce a patient waiting time and to improve the treatment.


Klaster Medycyna Przyszłości


Medicine of the Future Cluster



W celu wspierania rozwoju metod telemedycznych podejmujemy działania w następujących dziedzinach:


Tworzymy nowoczesne systemy informatyczne wspierające zarządzanie i świadczenie usług zdrowotnych, a także promujemy wdrażanie narzędzi do monitorowania stanu zdrowia.


Wspieramy członków Klastra w zakresie rozwoju, wdrażania i promowania ich rozwiązań oraz realizacji wspólnych przedsięwzięć i projektów na poziomie światowym.


Dążymy do wspólnego tworzenia bazy produktów i ofert związanych z usługami medycznymi oraz do nawiązywania współpracy z uznanymi podmiotami zagranicznymi.


Promujemy świadomość zdrowotną poprzez tworzenie i promowanie programów profilaktyki chorób nowotworowych.


To support the development of telemedicine methods, we take actions in the following areas:


We create modern informational systems supporting management and healthcare services, and we also promote tools implementation for health condition monitoring.


We support all Members of our Cluster in terms of development, implementation and promotion of their solutions, realization of common enterprises and projects on a global scale.


We pursue to create a database of products and offers related to medical services. We also work on cooperation with recognized foreign entities.


We promote health consciousness through creation and promotion of cancer prevention programmes.